Iles Formula

Iles Formula

Minimalism Meets Maximum Performance. As one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the industry, Wendy Iles has become internationally acclaimed for mastering the art and science of hair and beauty. Wendy spent a decade scouring the globe to find powerful ingredient blends and complexes that would provide instant results for her high-profile clientele. What began as an onset hair secret has now launched to the public. Utilising the latest innovations and technologies and its unique blend of proprietary high-grade care and repair ingredients, Iles Formula is a 3-step high performance hair care system, which is free from harmful chemicals and is kind to the environment. From consciously designing all products and packaging to re-planting trees in the Amazon to help rebuild damaged ecosystems, Iles Formula places sustainability at the core of their business. Wendy is not only committed to nurturing hair but also the environment.