Our Nordic business model creates value for our partners

As the preferred beauty distributor in the Nordics, we create value for the brands we represent through our deep understanding of the local Nordic markets and extensive industry knowledge. We stay up-to-date on local trends, consumer preferences and market dynamics and use this knowledge to build our approach and execute our strategies. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in the industry, which allows us to provide expert guidance and further the business of our partnered brands in the Nordic markets.

An old image of Ellinor Sæther who founded SÆTHER.

Discover our roots

SÆTHER has grown from a small start-up to a well-established international company, representing a wide range of brands across the Nordics.

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Two women talking while talking a walk down the hallways at SÆTHER.

Understand our structure

SÆTHER embodies four specialized divisions, operating in four Nordic countries, to effectively address the goals and interests of our partners.

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An image of SÆTHER's warehouse.

Learn about our ways

SÆTHER’s core values are what sets us apart and guide the way we enable our partners to achieve their goals across the entire value chain.

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Meet our management

SÆTHER's management represents a strong mix of experience, leadership, creativity and dedication. Together they set the strategic direction.

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Meet our board

SÆTHER’s board of directors exemplifies leadership and strategic vision, guiding the company towards sustained growth and success.

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