Working with the entire value chain on behalf of the brand owners

SÆTHER understands the importance of optimizing every link of the business process to achieve success for the brand owners we represent. That's why we take a holistic approach to manage the entire value chain on behalf of our brand partners.

We utilize the latest technology and business intelligence to optimize our processes and ensure that we make the most efficient use of our resources. Doing so allows us to provide our partners with a cost-efficient service that delivers results.

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Our values pave the path to realizing our ambitions

At SÆTHER, our values guide us forward as we strive to excel in the beauty industry. Beauty is our passion, and we are dedicated to providing consumers with the highest quality products and exceptional service. Relations are our anchor, and we value the strong partnerships we have built with our brands, retailers, and employees. Results are in our DNA, and we are committed to delivering impactful results that help our partners succeed. With these values at the core of our business, we are able to create a culture of excellence, where everyone is dedicated to helping our partners achieve success.

We have a deep passion for beauty and for the brands we represent. This passion always encourages us to go above and beyond – and to be open-minded, curious and quality-focused. Our goal is to be at the forefront of our industry and continuously explore new opportunities with our partners. So we can strive to find innovative ways of working and collaborating and, ultimately, bring the best to the Nordic consumers.

SÆTHER was founded and run as a small family company, and our founder Ellinor Sæther famously stated "It's a people's business." This philosophy remains integral to Sæther today and continues to guide us as we grow. We focus on building solid and long-term relationships with our partners, operating with a local approach while keeping a global perspective. Our commitment to reliability and respect drives us to strive for longevity in our partnerships and solidify our position as a trusted and dependable partner.

We strive for excellence, and we are eager to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday. Our deep understanding of the Nordic markets gives us a competitive edge in our efforts to make our partners succeed. With a dedicated and hard-working team, we treat each brand as our own, working tirelessly to enhance their performance and ensure their success.