One company, four divisions

SÆTHER operates in four Nordic countries; Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland and is divided into Luxury & Niche, Prestige, Consumer, and Haircare. Each division is responsible for managing and developing a specific business area, and all are dedicated to providing our partners with the highest level of service, support and expertise.

The divisions work closely to ensure we provide our partners with a seamless and comprehensive service. Each division works to identify and capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion and to develop tailored strategies for our brands that align with the specific market’s needs and trends.

The facade of the SÆTHER head office.

Creating value for brands and retailers by sharing knowledge

SÆTHER's four divisions work to create value for the brands we represent and our partnered retailers by sharing their knowledge about the Nordic markets and its consumers. Each division deeply understands the local market trends, consumer insights, and industry dynamics. By sharing this knowledge, we differentiate each brand, resulting in long-term and strategic growth and building each brand's profitability and awareness.

For brand owners: we understand how to connect the value of your brand with the right retailer to unlock and implement your brand's image and potential in the Nordics.

For retailers: we supply you with the world's most attractive luxury brands, with a personalized 360 approach to convert your most selective audience.

For brand owners: we enhance your knowledge of Nordic beauty consumers with insights to differentiate and drive your brand's long-term growth.

For retailers: we offer a steady supply, an appealing brand mix, and digital assets, ensuring optimal launches, differentiation and development.

For brand owners: we boost your brand's success in the Nordic markets through consumer insights and a cost-efficient business model.

For retailers: we drive category growth and profitability through our expert knowledge, increasing value and traffic to your store with a strong, relevant, and optimized assortment.

For brand owners: we are your partner in growing your haircare brand in the Nordic markets, increasing profitability and building your brand through our local presence and business model.

For retailers: we offer a unique portfolio solution and create added value with differentiated services and education programs for increased knowledge, sales, and profitability.