A strong management leading by example

SÆTHER is a mature company with a proven track record of building brands - and doing it right. Always curious, passionate and young at heart, operating at a pace and with a strong focus on doing even better tomorrow than today. At SÆTHER, we think in decades – not quarters – and we are well prepared for the future.

In image of Palle, CEO, CO-owner & General Manager (Prestige) at SÆTHER.

Palle Pedersen

CEO, CO-owner & General Manager (Prestige) at SÆTHER
Born 1967, Danish nationality

Palle joined SÆTHER in 2019 and worked side by side with our founder Ellinor Sæther up until her passing in 2023. Palle has brought along decades of extensive experience from management positions with major players in the industry such as Estée Lauder, Revlon, L'Oréal and Elizabeth Arden. He also brought along a never-ending energy and an impressive drive to win and always staying on top.

In image of Daniel Dornhoff Cordsen, CFO at SÆTHER.

Daniel Dornhoff Cordsen

Born 1982, Danish nationality

Daniel has been with SÆTHER for a total of 14 years (2023) and heads our Finance Department as CFO. Daniel's CV also includes positions as CFO at Otis, Senior Group Controller at Nilfisk and Auditor at Deloitte. Daniel values accuracy and precision - and at the same time his ability to convey complex information is second to none.

Four divisions, with leaders dedicated to their particular domain

We show continuity in our organization with an experienced workforce and an exceptional management team, and we pay close attention to always staying relevant. We are reliable, and we cherish long-term relationships with a strong focus on each brand's strategy and DNA - continuously taking pride in building success stories for both brand owners and retailers.

A picture of Palle Pedersen

Palle Pedersen

CEO & General Manager, Prestige
Born 1967 - Danish nationality
A picture of Hege Lampe

Hege Lampe

General Manager, Luxury & Niche
Born 1970 - Norwegian nationality
A picture of Birger von Holdt

Birger von Holdt

General Manager, Consumer and Haircare
Born 1971 - Danish nationality

Operating in four Nordic countries, we secure reach, impact and local knowledge

With offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki, we have established strong local roots in the Nordics while maintaining a global mindset. The Nordics is a diverse market and our teams' local knowledge of the needs and preferences of the Nordic consumers is paramount to succeed. We tailor our strategies and approach in each Nordic market, allowing us to support and promote each brand in the best way possible - and to continue to provide the Nordic consumers and retailers with some of the most desired beauty brands in the world.

A picture of Parisa Shave

Parisa Shave

Managing Director, Denmark
Born 1979 - Danish nationality
A picture of Anna Lundell

Anna Lundell

Managing Director, Sweden
Born 1975 - Swedish nationality
A picture of Hege Lampe

Hege Lampe

Managing Director, Norway
Born 1970 - Norwegian nationality
A picture of Tia Salmio

Tia Salmio

Managing Director, Finland
Born 1978 - Finnish nationality